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The transparent, no-fuss guarantee scheme

  • Recognised security

    Recognised security

    Protect your organisation against penalties and opt for a simple guarantee scheme that meets all the statutory requirements.

  • No barriers

    No barriers

    Register with us, without any need for bank guarantees or audit certificates, to protect those travelling with you.

  • Low fixed costs

    Low fixed costs

    Comply with the obligation for insolvency protection set out in the Package Travel Directive for a low, fixed annual cost.

  • The fair guarantee

    The fair guarantee

    Each year, you and all policyholders help to decide what happens with the premium you pay in. We think that this is fair.

VZR Garant’s guarantee scheme

VZR Garant is a guarantee scheme that allows you to meet the statutory requirements set out in the revised Package Travel Directive. Membership of VZR Garant means that those travelling with you know that it is safe to book with your organisation. This is because all of the members in the scheme jointly act as guarantors for the money paid in advance by those travelling with you. This means that travellers run no risk when paying for their booking.

VZR Garant will be of specific interest to any organisation that is not a traditional tour operator but does offer package travel. The requirements for admission to the scheme were drawn up in consultation with the various trade associations. Avoid receiving penalties imposed by the regulating body and sign up today!

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VZR Garant

No-fuss security

VZR Garant’s guarantee scheme is a collective arrangement to which all members contribute. Each member pays into a fund which covers any losses. As no one wants to pay more than is absolutely necessary, we work together to prevent any losses, thereby keeping costs low. Ultimately, this results in considerable savings for each member, and a portion of the premium may even be paid back at the end of the year. To us, the collective nature of the scheme also entails each member being able to see what is going on at VZR Garant. This is why VZR Garant invites you to a meeting each year. At the meeting, you are brought up to speed and help decide which direction the scheme will take.

We are a customer-focused organisation and this means that we are easy to contact by telephone, use understandable language and ensure that you are always provided with insights into what happens with your premium.

A robust guarantee scheme at a low price

VZR Garant is a no-fuss guarantee scheme. This makes it affordable and transparent:

  • One-off costs for registration and the approval process (€400.00);
  • Low annual contribution for maintaining the guarantee scheme (0.14% of the risk-bearing revenues, with a minimum of €350.00);
  • Affordable premium for the compensation of any losses (0.36% of the risk-bearing revenues, excluding insurance premium tax);
  • No costs for audit certificates;
  • No costs for bank guarantees;
  • No other hidden costs.

The risk-bearing revenues are all the revenues from package travel agreements, linked travel arrangements, transport agreements (excluding air transportation), lodgings, motor vehicle hire and other tourist services sold by you. Each member decides for itself whether it passes on the premium to its travellers.

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The benefits of our guarantee scheme

Choosing VZR Garant means getting the best value for money. This is because our guarantee scheme gives you the following benefits:

  • Fast and simple registration of your organisation;
  • Full cover for both private and business travellers;
  • Contact with fellow policyholders who have shared interests;
  • Full insights into what happens with your premium;
  • Additional benefits when claim amounts are low.

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