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The most modern guarantee fund in the Netherlands. So there is no need to worry if the organisation you booked with goes bankrupt. It’s guaranteed!

  • All travel expenses you pay are guaranteed

  • 335 member organisations

  • If bankruptcy occurs, you can still travel or get your money back

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Who and what is VZR Garant?

When you book a trip covered by VZR Garant’s guarantee, you can rest assured that your money is protected. VZR Garant is a guarantee fund enabling organisations to comply with the compulsory guarantee scheme required by the Package Travel Directive. This applies to both consumers and business travellers.

Offering protection since 2019

Offering protection since 2019

The changes to the Package Travel Directive in 2018 also affected many organisations outside the travel sector. Since then, these organisations also need a guarantee scheme to protect their travellers and comply with their legal requirements.

VZR Garant was set up partly in response to calls from trade associations representing the interests of organisations in the travel sector and beyond. Since 2019, VZR Garant has made a collective guarantee scheme available for a wide range of organisations, including those that are not part of the traditional travel sector.

 Stronger when we work together

Stronger when we work together

The VZR Garant guarantee scheme is a collective guarantee scheme, with all members making a contribution. Collective reserves are built up that can be used to cover any losses resulting from an insolvency.

These reserves remain the property of the members. VZR Garant’s collective guarantee scheme operates under a mutual insurance company, VZR Garant Onderlinge Verzekeringen U.A. The advantage of this construction is that each member organisation is entitled to contribute ideas about the strategy taken. The scheme also provides full transparency, as each member has full access to information about activities and finances.

The security offered by an approved guarantee fund

The security offered by an approved guarantee fund

VZR Garant complies with all the requirements set by DNB (De Nederlandsche Bank, the central bank of the Netherlands) and the AFM (the Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets).

Any guarantee is subject to certain conditions, and we like to be upfront about ours from the outset.

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