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HappyRail Holidays B.V. is no longer a member

18-03-2023 - Train travel organization HappyRail Holidays B.V. is experiencing unprecedented growth. Now that the measures against the corona virus have ended and more and more people prefer traveling by train over the plane, HappyRail Holidays B.V. is seeing a significant increase in its turnover.

HappyRail Holidays B.V., as a result of its growth, no longer fits the company profile that VZR Garant focuses on. That is why the participation of HappyRail Holidays B.V. to the guarantee scheme of VZR Garant has ended.

Trips that fall within the scope of the guarantee scheme of VZR Garant and are booked with HappyRail Holidays B.V. between 23 September 2021 and 18 March 2023 (00:00 hours) are covered by VZR Garant. All trips booked with HappyRail Holidays B.V. on March 18, 2023 or later, are not covered by VZR Garant.

Is your trip still covered by VZR Garant? Then this cover also applies to future payments that you will make for those bookings. You can read in the guarantee scheme what our guarantee entails and what coverage VZR Garant provides to travelers.

Do you have questions? Then you can send it to us by e-mail at info@vzr-garant.nl.