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VZR Garant is a simple, transparent solution that allows organisations to comply with the obligation for a guarantee scheme – as set out in the Package Travel Directive – for both consumers and business travellers.

For all organisations

Protection for travellers has been an extremely important point of discussion within the travel sector for many years now. It is therefore odd that the options for offering such protection are still fairly limited. In addition, the options that are currently available are primarily geared towards the traditional travel sector. However, the revised version of the Package Travel Directive also affects many organisations that do not fall into this category. And these organisations, too, need a guarantee scheme that enables them to comply with the law and avoid any penalties.

VZR Garant was set up partly in response to requests made by the trade associations championing the interests of such organisations. VZR Garant now provides those organisations outside of the traditional travel sector with a collective guarantee scheme that corresponds to their needs.


VZR Garant’s guarantee scheme is a collective arrangement to which all members contribute. Each member pays into a fund which covers any losses that may result from a bankruptcy. As no one wants to pay more than is absolutely necessary, we work together to prevent any losses, thereby keeping costs low. This leads to considerable savings for each member. Naturally, the money in the fund always belongs to the members: VZR Garant’s collective guarantee scheme operates under a mutual insurance company, namely VZR Garant Onderlinge Verzekeringen U.A.. The advantage of this construction is that each member organisation is entitled to proactively contribute ideas regarding strategy. As all the activities and finances are openly available for any member to inspect, the scheme provides full transparency.

We are delighted to welcome you to VZR Garant, the no-fuss collective guarantee scheme offering full transparency!

The security offered by a recognised guarantee scheme

VZR Garant complies with all of the requirements set by DNB (De Nederlandsche Bank, the central bank of the Netherlands) and the AFM (the Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets). VZR Garant avails itself of the exemption under Article 1f of the Financial Supervision Act Exemption Regulations and is therefore not under the prudential supervision of DNB.

Experience our guarantee scheme for yourself

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