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Insolvency of Active River Cruises B.V.

Date of last update: 02/11/2020

Update 02/11/2020 - Through this update, we will notify you of the latest date on which you can claim under the guarantee scheme.

The final date on which you can make a claim under the guarantee scheme is Sunday 15/11/2020. Claim forms that are incomplete or not received by VZR Garant after this date can unfortunately not be processed. More information about submitting a claim form can be found in this news item.

Update 31/08/2020 - On 25/08/2020, Active River Cruises B.V. was put into liquidation by the Court of Leeuwarden. We will continue to inform you in the coming period via this news item that will be extened. We kindly ask you not to call with questions. We cannot answer these by telephone.

If you paid an amount to Active River Cruises B.V. in full or part payment of your booking in advance, VZR Garant may reimburse you for this amount. This also applies to any vouchers issued by Active River Cruises B.V. as a result of the coronavirus crisis. The conditions under which you qualify for reimbursement are set out in the Guarantee Scheme. VZR Garant will be handling all claims individually and will inform you about how your claim is to be settled. Due to the volume of claims, it may be a few weeks before you receive a response. We ask for your understanding in this matter.

It is important that you make no further payments to Active River Cruises B.V., even if another party asks or advises you to pay an outstanding amount. VZR Garant will not reimburse any payments made to Active River Cruises B.V. after 30/06/2020.

If you paid by credit card or PayPal, we request that you first contact your credit card company for a refund.

You can claim under the guarantee by fully completing the claim form and sending it to VZR Garant.

You can email your question to us at activerivercruises@vzr-garant.nl. Due to the volume of questions, we kindly request that you do not contact us by phone.